Maritime Monday for October 30th 2017: Lumber Hooker

Here’s the latest maritime news from Monkey Fist and gCaptain. There’s always something interesting in the mix. This week I really liked the Halloween story of the Boston “Ghost Ship Harbor”. I love that kind of stuff!

The articles about the Voyageurs, the Enigma machine and the code breakers was all pretty interesting too.

Check it out…

Europa, later SS Liberté, was a German ocean liner built for the Norddeutsche Lloyd line (NDL) to work the transatlantic sea route. She and her sister ship, Bremen, were the two most advanced, high-speed steam turbine ocean vessels in their day, with both earning the Blue Riband.  more Leave it to Boston to create a […]

Source: Maritime Monday for October 30th, 2017: Lumber Hooker – gCaptain

Sad End to the Celt

Here’s a link to a video which tells the story of the gorgeous yacht the ‘Celt’. It’s really a cool story.

luxury steam yacht Celt

luxury steam yacht Celt built 1902

Originally owned by a railroad tycoon, used by the Navy a couple of times (WWI and WWII), owned by Thomas Edison, used by the Circle Line for tours around NY Harbor, used by Madonna in a music video and more.

What a cool history for a boat like this. It would be wonderful if someone would fix it up again, but for now it looks like just another sad story of a beautiful ship wasting away in the boondocks. 🙁

Cannibal Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Headed For The UK?

Cannibal Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Headed For The UK? | Broken News Daily – Yahoo Screen.



Lyubov Orlova

It’s the Lyubov Orlova, ex-Russian cruise ship, back in the news again. Has she sunk, or hasn’t she? The news agencies seem to want to drum up some business with these stories of scary, deadly-disease-carrying cannibal rats running rampant over the UK and then Europe. OMG!

Sounds like the start of a cool new horror flick! I would definitely watch it. 😉

Here’s a link to an interesting video report from Yahoo and Broken News Daily…