Happy New Year 2018

Here’s to hoping 2018 is a better year than the last one!

Year of the Fire Monkey

According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey: a year of strength and determination. It’s the year of not only setting goals, but also meeting them.

What will your 2016 bring? What goals will you set this year? Which ones will you meet?

That was the beginning of an email I got this morning. It went on to talk about how the prediction calls for a year of prosperity. It ended up trying to sell me financial advice (I didn’t buy it).

I don’t know much about the Chinese zodiac, other than I’m an Ox. All I can say to this prediction is, I sure do hope it comes true! It would be great to actually meet more of my goals this year!

PS- Join in the Just Jot It January challenge here.

PS- Those photos are not actually monkeys, they’re chimps (from the Houston Zoo), but the best photos I could come up with out of my stash. 😉

Happy 2016!


I sure hope this year turns out better than last year was. Happy New Year 2016! Hope you’re all happy and healthy and ready to roar!

Thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate it and hope to see you all stick around for more. 🙂

PS- I took the picture at the Renaissance Fair a couple of months ago.

Dramatic New Year's worldwide

AP PHOTOS: Dramatic New Year’s moments worldwide

I’m stuck out here on the ship for at least another week, so I missed all the festivities going on at home. This article was the best of what I saw for the worldwide celebrations of New Years Day.

I hope some of you got to see some of these fine fireworks. Does anyone have any good stories or photos to share?

2014 -with fireworks!

I didn’t get to see any fireworks tonight since I’m still out here on the DS-5. We didn’t even try to shoot off our expired pyrotechnics (which is how we usually celebrate New Years and 4th of July out on a ship).

The photo is one of the ones I took at the JaGa Festival in Galveston a few months ago. Here’s a link to an earlier post I made with some other fireworks photos…

http://captjillsjourneys.wordpress.com/2013/11/30/weekly-photo-c…ight-celebrate .

I’ve been trying to figure out how to add text to my photos but so far, this is the best I can do. I’m not very good with computers and I haven’t yet taken the time to play with all the things I SHOULD be able to do with all these photography programs I have on here.

Maybe 2014 will allow me more time to work on this sort of thing. Right now I’ve still got so many different projects on my list of things to do I can hardly keep up.

I hope everyone had a nice time for New Years Eve (and no terrible hangovers in the morning). I hope everyone will have a really good year for 2014! 🙂