Texas Adopt a Beach

Anyone else going out to the beach cleanup this morning? I posted this to my mariners meetup group (www.meetup.com/boating-39) calendar a couple of weeks ago (thanks P.) but only know of 1 other person going. I’ll be there (Surfside). 🙂

I know they do this worldwide. The link to the Ocean Conservancy at the bottom of my post will take you to their website and there you can find a location near you. I’m not exactly sure if they have it the same date as we do. Here we do it twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall.

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Cleanup 2013 Map


Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack

Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack | Mother Jones.

Personally, I think McCain got some serious brain damage when he was in solitary during the VietNam War and its coming out more and more. Too bad the people can never seem to vote out ANY incumbents, no matter how bad they are 🙁

Check out the article, the comments are especially ‘entertaining’.