Sea Trials

Whoo-whoo! I’m heading out early tomorrow morning for a job. I’ll be joining the ship in Corpus Christi and heading offshore for sea trials. It’s only temporary, and it’s only as an AB, but it’s a job. At sea!

It should be interesting. I googled the ship I’m going to. It’s a ro-ro (roll on- roll off). I’ve never worked on one of them before. It’s a MSC (Military Sealift Command) ship. Here’s a picture I found on google.

USNS Mendonca

I’ve tried to avoid working for MSC since they seem to never let you off (at least as an officer). I don’t really want to do a 4 month long hitch and then stay for another couple months since they can’t find a relief. Then they want you back after only a month off!

Still, I’ve been considering even going to work for them. I’d rather be at sea as a galley hand than an executive on the beach. I know it’s hard to explain, but I just love being out there.

I am starting to feel like I’ve pretty much wasted the last 30+ years of my life (and tens of thousands of dollars). I’ve worked so hard to pull myself up the hawsepipe to earn my license. For what?

I’m going to work as a deckhand. Same as I was doing when I first started out over 40 years ago. It’s depressing. I’m getting really discouraged. I thought earning the license would help me get a decent job. A good career. Just to get thrown out like last weeks garbage. It’s sad.

But at least I can still get out there and earn some sea time. Every little bit helps. I just hope I can hang on until things pick up again offshore.

Still Busy

We’re still at the dock and still busy as hell. I’m hoping we might actually get the hell out of here some time tomorrow.

It’s been a rough week. I haven’t really stopped since I got here. Not much time to relax or do anything other than work. Trying to get this old boat through all the inspections, audits and etc so we can go offshore and actually start the job the boat was hired to do.

We’ve been having drills for the last couple of days. Trying to get everyone used to their emergency muster stations and duties. It’s a little more difficult than usual since we’re pretty much all new to this vessel.

Hopefully, we’ll pass our Coast Guard inspection tomorrow and then we’ll be free to depart for sea trials. 🙂

DSV Mystic Viking

DSV Mystic Viking

PS- I noticed someone had been searching online about who bought the Mystic Viking and that’s how they found my blog. If you’re still around, all I can say is that I’m not quite sure. Crowley or Deepcor. We’re working for both on here, so I’m not real sure who actually owns the vessel now. Deepcor did buy a few of the other old Caldive boats.