I Can’t Believe

…It snowed here yesterday! WOW! I had the air conditioner on the other day, since the temperatures were up in the 80’s. Yesterday I woke up to snow.

It hardly ever snows here. I think the last time was in 2004. I got up fairly late this morning, around 1100 and was surprised to see snow all over my hedges outside my front windows. It was all over my windshield too. I had to brush it off when I left for Houston yesterday.

I did learn not to throw hot water on it the first time I had to deal with ice and snow here in Texas. I cracked the hell out of the windshield of my old el camino. What a waste of a beautiful car. I couldn’t afford to replace the windshield, so couldn’t get it to pass inspection, so eventually wound up buying this F-150 I have now.

That was in 1997. So, looks like we get snow here about every 10 years average (3 times in 30 years).

We’re not used to this kind of cold weather here. I know I’m not and I’m more cold- blooded than most people I know here. I will have to get used to it quick tho, I am supposed to ship out next week. Heading across the Atlantic Ocean to Northern Europe. I’m sure it’s going to be much colder for much longer than it will be here.

Aye-yi-yi! I’m looking for warm clothes now. 😉


Rain Knocked Out the Icicles

I was going to go sailing again yesterday. For the 3rd of the Icicle races. But because of the weather forecast (and short on crew), we didn’t leave the dock.

We felt like we couldn’t do a good job with the small crew we had aboard, the weather was supposed to get really nasty during the time we would be out there, and none of us liked sailing in the cold rain. So, we crapped out.

I don’t have any idea yet how many boats were fanatic enough to start the race yesterday. We decided to visit another friends new boat and then went for a nice lunch (at T-Bone Toms).  I had a cheeseburger (it was really good!). It was already raining, while we were there it started pouring!

I’m really glad we didn’t wind up out sailing in that! 🙂

It was coming down in buckets all the way home. I had a hard time driving for a while and had to slow down. Today my yard is flooded again but the sun was nice to see. 🙂

better weather for racing!

better weather for racing- it did NOT look like this yesterday!

Another post for Just Jot It January.


I heard from the tenant in my beach house last week. He reported that the siding on his house was coming off. Oh wow, just what I needed to hear when I’ve recently been unemployed and hemorrhaging cash like it’ll never run out (insurance on 2 places, credit cards from last vacation and estimated 2015 income taxes!).

Since I was home (looking for a new job), I went down there to take a look and get some pictures of the damage to try and decide if it was worth calling the insurance company about.

Turns out, on one side of the house most of the siding was already falling off or gone! My property manager mentioned that I should take a look at the roof too, since there was a bad hailstorm recently. I figured I had better call the insurance company.

Since it was already late Friday, I couldn’t call them yet. I had to wait til the holiday weekend was over. I figured I might as well enjoy my planned sail on Saturday (and I did). 🙂

Tuesday morning, bright and early (a LOT earlier than I like to wake up), I called the insurance agent. Since I was leaving to go back offshore in just a couple of days, they tried to get me set up with a claims adjuster as soon as possible.

So, that’s how I spent my afternoon (morning was spent frantically trying to finish up taxes to deliver to the accountant since the deadline to get them in to the IRS would fall before I’m due back). Turns out, there was quite a bit of hail damage (I never would have noticed- but then I don’t spend much time up on the roof anymore). 😉

Looks like I’ll already be plenty busy when I get home. Trying to deal with this kind of thing is not real easy from hundreds of miles away. I do have a manager and she’s extremely helpful, but I still like to see the estimates and make the final decision.

So, I guess I’ll deal with roofing and siding repairs when I get home. Hopefully we don’t have any hurricanes come through here before then!


Today is the last day of FRC class.

A cold front came through Galveston yesterday and dropped the temperature at least 20 degrees.

That’s not too bad when you’re sitting in a nice warm room, cuddled up in a blanket. But when you’re out on the water, running around in a tiny little speedboat, it’s a different story.

I had a pretty good time on Monday playing around with the boats. Today we have to go out again and practice search patterns. I’m not looking forward to getting cold and wet today!

I hope it all goes quickly. I’ll try to get some decent pictures to post here later. 🙂