Utne Monthly Music Sampler

Utne Monthly Music Sampler.

OK, so here it is (finally). This months (or maybe it’s last months by now) Monthly Music Sampler from Utne Reader.

I always love to get these and check out all the interesting music. Artists I never would have heard of otherwise. I think it’s one of my favorite parts of the magazine, tho they also do the same thing with films/videos, magazines/books, etc and I’ve found a lot of really great stuff from looking at some of their suggestions.

The Utne Reader used to call itself ‘the Best of the Alternative Press’ and that was exactly what it was. Now, their tag line is ‘Cure Ignorance’ which I like, but I’m not sure that is really as accurate or if the magazine is really doing any of that (curing ignorance). 😉

So, this months sampler has some music I really liked a lot. I’ve already made a couple of posts about individual songs…



Other then those 2 bands with the links above (Lily and Madeline and PigPen Theatre Company), there are songs by the Casket Girls, the Temples, the Liminanas, by itsnotyouitsme, and a great one by De Temps Antan (in French I think).

There’s everything from indie folk, to jazz, to psychedelic, to French flavored folk/cajun. There’s a good selection from England, France, Canada, and around the USA. I really enjoyed this months samples. I hope you do too. 🙂

Music Sampler: Song From the Stone

I got my Monthly Music Sampler from Utne Reader a while ago but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to even look at it til recently. I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my emails and just started looking at some of these samples.

See my earlier post on another song from this months samples (http://captjillsjourneys.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/music-sampler-devil-we-know)

Today’s choice is a song by a group called the PigPen Theatre Company.

This band is a little different.  PigPen IS actually a theatre company, just like their name implies. They put some of their original music in their plays, pretty cool! They just came out with a new album ‘The Way I’m Running’. I think I’ll have to get it. 😉

I listened to this song ‘Song From the Stone’ of theirs from the Sampler and really liked it.

Maybe you will too? Enjoy!

"Song From The Stone" by Pig Pen Theatre Co.


Music Sampler: Devil We Know

I got my Monthly Music Sampler from Utne Reader a while ago but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to even look at it til now. Today I’m trying to catch up on some of my emails and just started looking at some of these samples. I listened to this song ‘Devil We Know’ by Lily and Madeline and liked it. A lot.

Maybe you will too? Enjoy! 🙂

"Devil We Know" by Lily and Madeline


Fruit Tree Projects

Communities Grow Stronger with Fruit Tree Projects – Community – Utne Reader.

I think this is a great idea and hope it spreads even further. I’d like to see it ‘go viral’, spread world wide, everybody getting involved! It has already spread from Santa Cruz, California all the way to Vancouver, to Australia, and even Fiji! 🙂

I have always hated to waste anything. Especially food. Maybe it has something to do with growing up where my parents always insisted I clean my plate. They warned about the ‘starving children in Africa’. I never figured out how my clean plate would help those starving children, but had to play along anyway.

I’m still a member in good standing of the ‘Clean Plate Club’. I’m sure I’m fatter then I should be because of it. I am working towards creating less waste in my kitchen and everywhere else.

I’ve tried to grow a garden in the past, but because I spend so much time at sea, I have not had much success. I do have a lime tree that is making plenty of fruit. Way more than I could ever use. I hate to see them just rotting in the driveway, so I already told my neighbors to just take whatever they want.

I think it would be a great idea if more people could do the same sort of thing. Like the article mentions, these fruit tree projects not only provide much needed and appreciated fresh fruits, but they build community in the process. They also teach useful skills and promote sustainability. I think they are probably fun too!

I’m not sure what the heck is going on in the US lately with the local vendetta on gardening. We used to encourage everyone to grow a garden. Now, we are allowing localities to force people to tear them up?!? WTF???

I remember a few years ago, my town forced my neighbors across the street to tear out the garden they had in their back yard. Supposedly it was illegal! Illegal to grow a garden? Behind a fence? On your OWN land???? In America, the land of the FREE??? I would have sued the SH*T out of them for a HUGE violation of my property rights!

If you want to tell me what I can do with MY land, then YOU can pay the mortgage and the taxes and every other expense. Then, and ONLY then, will it be your land. That’s when YOU get to decide what to do with it. After all, ownership implies being able to USE the thing you own. If you can’t use it, then you don’t really own it.

Apparently, this abuse of local tyrants citing ‘loss of property values’ as some kind of holy grail is spreading like wildfire around the nation. Here’s a link to an article from just the other day…http://www.care2.com/causes/why-are-cities-attacking-home-gardeners.html.

I really hope enough people are outraged by this kind of thing and will get out and raise holy hell with their city councils and homeowners associations and put a stop to this kind of thing.

Help out by signing the petition, Miami Shores: Let Couple Keep Their Vegetable Garden! – The Petition Site, watch the video and give a hand to the Institute for Justices’ Food Freedom Initiative (www.ij.org/foodfreedom) which is trying to help the couple involved in this latest outrage and by extension all the rest of us. 


Property values are NOT the be all and end all of the value of a neighborhood. In fact, they are probably far down the list for many people. Friendliness and community spirit are probably up there pretty high. I know they are for me. 🙂

The Vermont Sail Freight Project: Alternative Sail

The Vermont Sail Freight Project.

I think it’s really wonderful that this group is trying to bring back commercial sail in the US. They’re also working in another area I like which is good food. The sailing barge Ceres is working with a great project bringing farm fresh food down to New York City.

I think there is a definite place for sailing ships even in these modern times. With all the attention being focused now on the environment, climate change, the high price of fossil fuels, etc., we should be taking a new look at sail (traditional or new improved models).

I’ve been keeping my eye on the Tres Hombres (Netherlands) which has been sailing since 2009. She’s a beautiful brigantine and sails between Europe and the Caribbean. She carries cargo that is not as dependent on a fast delivery time. She only carries about 35 tons so she makes it count with high value cargo such as rum and chocolate (yum). 😉

She can also carry trainees who will pay a fee in return for the adventure of a lifetime and a certificate to boot! With just a quick look at their website, I see that they will give you certificates all the way up from ordinary seaman to captain! Too bad they’re not recognized by any government. 🙁

Sailing General Cargo Schoenerbrik Tres Hombres

Even so, I’m sure the training you would get on board a ship like that would serve you well in any other. You’ll be better off then just going to work on any power vessel. You’ll also get an interesting, fun adventure, which is all but eliminated from the merchant fleet these days (at least in America). 🙁

I’d love to make a voyage on her myself. Or any of the other similar ships around the world. There are a few of them now, the Bessy Ellen and the Tres Hombres (both with Fairtransport) which are truly cargo ships along with the Ceres of Vermont Sail Freight Project.

The barque Picton Castle (home port Nova Scotia) is primarily a sail training vessel but also does some cargo work. She sails worldwide and is presently making her way across the Pacific.

New designs show promise as not only for pure sailing vessels, but as additions to the usual container and other modern ship types. The addition of sails or kites should help fuel consumption at least. Here’s a link to the Skysails website where you can learn more about that idea and how it works…


Others are working on more new designs to take advantage of the wind. I posted previously about one of them, the ‘Vind’…


I’m really looking forward to seeing more of these ships in the future. I hope one day I will be able to take the time to sail on one of them again. There really is nothing like sailing on a real tall ship. Spending a day is just a small taste of what it’s really like. Get that taste and you WILL want more! 🙂 

The NSA Review Panel Is An Even Bigger Joke Than We Previously Thought

The NSA Review Panel Is An Even Bigger Joke Than We Previously Thought | TechCrunch.

Surprise, surprise, surprise… NOT! Did anyone really think they would do the right thing? Anybody seriously think they would stop their illegal, unconstitutional activities? Anybody actually think they would give up their chance to spy on everything and everybody in the entire world???

Just because they got caught? REALLY???

Anybody who really thought they might, just might do the right thing just because they got caught with their pants down has no inkling of how ‘our’ government really works these days.

We had just better face it, until and unless WE put a stop to this crap, they are just going to find another way to get what they want. What they want is total control over you, me, EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY in the USA (and the world if they can find a way)!

They’re well on their way to accomplishing this sick goal of theirs. They got the PATRIOT Act passed which violated every amendment of the constitution but the one about quartering troops in your home. Then they keep trying to scare the crap out of everyone so they can keep it up. Constant threats we need them to violate our freedoms to protect us from, yeah riiiiiighhhht.

Obamacare is their latest scam and a pretty good jump in their capabilities. After all, if you control someones health, their physical body, then you do pretty much control them. Is somebody going to argue against that?

I’d like to hear those arguments if anyone has one. I know there must be some supporters of this stuff out there. Unbelievable! 🙁 But polls show the majority of Americans support this stuff (illegal spying), http://techcrunch.com/2013/11/05/poll-public-supports-nsa-spying-on-their-email-neighbors-and-foreign-leaders/.

WTF has happened to America? We USED to be the most free country that ever existed and now we have flushed our freedom in the toilet. For WHAT?????

WTF are you so AFRAID of??? WHY do you let them manipulate you like this? You let them take away our hard earned freedom because of FEAR??? Or is it because of apathy? Or you’re too busy to bother? WHY are you allowing this to happen?

I would REALLY like to know. I just don’t get it.

Utne Monthly Music Sampler

Utne Monthly Music Sampler.

I really love Utne Reader. Their reviews are one of my favorite parts of the magazine. Now that I get their emails, I can even check the music out right away online. 🙂

This time, they have 10 different artists to investigate. I haven’t had time yet to listen to any of them. I don’t want to hold you all back from some good stuff tho! 😉

Enjoy!! Let me know if you liked it, which songs, which artists? 🙂