Designing a Better Windmill

Designing a Better Windmill.

I would like to see more use of renewable energy sources. My father was an engineer and invented a couple of different types of wind and current generators while I was growing up. Too bad he was never allowed to test them out or put them to use. The ‘city’ we lived in was run by morons and of course they had ‘rules’ against anything like that! It didn’t matter if any of those projects would actually have hurt anybody, it was “against the rules” and those rules could NEVER be questioned, no matter how stupid and anti-creativity or even anti-life they might be. Rules were rules and had to be followed no matter what. WOW! Most of the people I grew up with didn’t pay much attention to the rules but those generators were too big to be left undiscovered by the enforcers of the rules for long enough to be useful, so they never got built. Things have gotten even worse now. Most people now seem to go along with the rules without even bothering to question them. I feel more and more like an alien in my own country every day.

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