Beer vs. Oil: Beer Wins | Mother Jones

Beer vs. Oil: Beer Wins | Mother Jones.

I’m glad to hear the beer people won. I still wonder where the oil people will go next. They need to be able to go SOMEWHERE. This mess will probably NEVER be totally cleaned up. I don’t know for sure, but even if it DOES get totally cleaned up, it will take years, probably a LOT of years. I work in the oil industry and happy to, but I also realize that no matter what they say, ALL accidents are NOT preventable! As long as we use oil for practically everything in modern society, we WILL have to put up with risks of this kind of thing. I would like to see more work on alternative energy. I see they are coming up with more and better systems. Maybe one day soon they will come up with something comparable in price and efficiency with oil based energy. I sure do hope so. I am looking into getting solar panels for my house and they are SO expensive and not very efficient. It will cost me a fortune to put them up and take years to pay for themselves. I would put up a windmill too but “not allowed”. Why do we still have so many restrictions on being allowed to USE alternative energy sources????

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