Greenpeace Protest Ship Threatened, Leaves Kara

Greenpeace Protest Ship Threatened, Leaves Kara.

I think Greenpeace does some good but they go overboard (literally) sometimes. I don’t think the Russians were justified to deny their entry into their waters. There is the principle of freedom of the high seas and we have always been allowed the right to sail freely from one place to another without interference. Apparently the USA has stopped standing up for any kind of freedom to travel, they prove this every day but forcing people to submit to a strip search just to fly somewhere (anywhere)! Since the US has so obviously given up defending freedom, I guess the Russians figure they can do it some more too. They probably just figure Greenpeace is going to cause a mess and they don’t want to deal with it so they stop it before it happens (prior restraint- we are doing a lot of that here too, although that is ALSO against all our principles).

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