Post on 2nd hand smoke from the Smokers Club

I saw this earlier today and just had to post it here with comments. I have been saying for years, (ever since I read the report- the META study- that supposedly links secondhand smoke to all kinds of increased dangers), that all the foofoorah over secondhand smoke was a bunch of BS! That meta study was used to convince everybody that they found some kind of new evidence that secondhand smoke was oooohhhh soooo dangerous, well, fact is, that they did NOT find any new evidence, they could not have since they did NOT do any new experiments! They manipulated the old data which came from decades worth of studies, all of which showed very slight, if any, increased risk from second hand smoke. Most (not all) showed NO, ZERO, NONE, NIL, NADA, increased risks even when exposed to very large amounts of second hand smoke. Say, something like a person living for decades with  a 3 pack a day smoker. NO increased risk was found! OK, so now, all the sudden, we paste all these studies together and find a huge increased risk??? HOW exactly would someone come up with that??? Simple, they manipulate the data! I posted the link above to show there ARE actually people who agree with me on this issue, I am NOT just another smoker who is intent on killing you off 😉 But I DO want to get back some sense into the whole smoking thing, I want to be able to fly on a smokers airline! I would even pay MORE to be able to smoke in the air again. And why can’t I? Because the federal government has outlawed that 🙁 I want to be able to smoke in a bar again! Damn, it just plain SUCKS to have to go outside in the cold, rain, heat, etc when you WERE in the middle of a good conversation, listening to some good music, etc. Why the hell can’t a businessman decide for himself what kind of atmosphere he wants in HIS business? Why can’t his customers be the ones to decide if they want to go there or not??? Put a sign on the door saying “Smokers welcome” and be done with it! If the non-smokers don’t want to deal with the smoke, fine, THEY can feel free to go somewhere else. It should NOT be a LAW.

PS- ALL of the posts on this page (link) are great, read them all 😉

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