Zombie Pigeons Are Invading Moscow

Zombie Pigeons Are Invading Moscow | Smart News.

Braaaainsssss… 😉 LOL! I LOVE zombie movies, books, etc! I just had to check out this post I got from the Smithsonian. I don’t want to ruin your anticipation so, read the link…

I didn’t get to see the birds before they died, but I wonder if they have the same thing going around S. Louisiana? I had to stop by Houma (LA) on my way home from work last hitch to renew my HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) cert. I was outside the hotel having a smoke (HATE these new non-smoking places!), in the early morning and noticed a few dead birds on the ground. OK, 1 dead bird is one thing, 2 is curious, 6-7 of them is something of concern! They all looked the same to me. I’m not any kind of bird expert but I think they may have been some kind of swift or martin (purple martin?) . Nope, too bad, I didn’t take any pictures 🙁

I asked the lady at the desk if she knew about them and she said, yeah, they’ve been dropping like flies just around her hotel and a couple of blocks nearby for the last couple of weeks. She said they had called the authorities and no one cared enough to come out and investigate 🙁 We were all left wondering what was happening to those birds???

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