This Guy’s Stomach Made Its Own Beer

This Guy’s Stomach Made Its Own Beer | Smart News.

This is pretty interesting. I wonder how the law on DWIs is going to treat this. If you did NOT drink anything, but your BAC is over the legal limit, do you get charged and have your life destroyed for not hurting anyone? Just like the people who are in the exact same condition who have had a drink??

I’ve been arguing this for years, that the laws against DWI are just wrong, totally unjust and so should NOT BE laws! If I can drive down the highway, talking on my cell phone (or eating a burger, or falling asleep, or yelling at the kids, etc), get in an accident and kill 15 people and not get charged. Then, I could go home and have a beer to take my nerves off, get pulled over for having a tail light out, and have my entire life destroyed for being “drunk”. How in the HELL does that scenario make sense??? Simple answer, it doesn’t!

Our ‘justice’ system is totally screwed up. This situation with alcohol is just one example.

I wonder how many college kids are going to try and fill their bellies up with these bacteria? Cheap date?? Oh hell yes, I bet this becomes a new fad. 😉

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  1. It does not make any sense at all Jill. I am on record that if you are driving while distracted and involve me in your ‘accident’ I will own your future. I’m not a sueing person but fuck these people who think they act like their right to be distracted supercedes my right to non injury. Post that some time and get ready for a responce.

    • Mike, I’ve seen dozens of times in the news where people have been in serious accidents while distracted. One I remember specifically, the lady was on her phone, she killed a few people. Another, an old man plowed into a store, he was on medications. Neither of them was charged with anything. I am NOT for making it illegal to talk on the phone, eat, whatever in the car, it would be unenforceable for one thing. But, I AM for making things fair! If all those reasons for driving at less than 100% are OK and not punished, then DWI should not be punished either. At the very least, it should not be any worse than any other thing. All those other things were choices too.
      And another thing, you are perfectly welcome to sue anybody for anything, you are entitled to damages IF I cause you harm. I was not referring to that instance in my post. I was specifically talking about when you have NOT hurt anyone. If you do NOT hurt anyone, there should not be a crime. REAL crimes involve a victim. I don’t think we need to be charging people with crimes they MIGHT possibly commit at some time in the future. We seem to be moving more and more in that direction in this country. DWI ‘laws’ are just one example of that tendency.

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