The Missed Opportunity For Medical Freedom

The Missed Opportunity For Medical Freedom : Personal Liberty™.

As stated in the article, freedom of choice in medical care is a RIGHT. Where we have become confused is over what is a right. Our ‘public’ schools don’t do a very good job anymore of explaining what is and what is not a right. They have completely confused the issue.

There are natural rights, those are the ones we had BEFORE there was a Constitution. Those are the ones we are all born with. They are part of what makes us human beings. ALL people all over the world have them, it’s just that the USA is the only country ever in the history of the world to base its entire purpose on PROTECTING those rights. (Too bad the USA no longer protects them but is intent on destroying them now).

Our schools now confuse the “rights” we get from government, like voting rights for example, with those natural rights. Now, most people think something like an education, or healthcare are rights. They are NOT. Yes, you have a right to seek an education, to apply for health care. But you do NOT have any claim on anyone else so that they must give it to you. That is the difference.

Obamacare supposedly turns health care into a right. That is impossible. You can not just SAY something is a right when at its core, it involves violation of other people. That is NOT a right! You can not ever justify raping or stealing!

That is exactly what Obamacare does. It takes the very lives (their TIME) of every health care provider and says to those people, YOU have no rights. You are now our slaves. You will only be allowed to do what WE want and we will only pay you whatever WE feel is correct. How many of them do you think will stick around for that kind of treatment?

It ALSO violates the rights of everyone who uses it. Who may think they’re getting a good deal. Hey, they’re finally getting to screw the system. Yeah, riiiiight. It doesn’t quite work that way. Besides the fact that ALL your medical data will be digitalized and available online to anyone who wants to spend a minimal amount of effort, YOU will not be the one deciding anything about your own medical care anymore. There will of course be rationing. There is no way around that! There is only a certain amount of resources and so those resources will have to be managed. YOU will no longer get any say-so about HOW they are managed! You will lose any semblance of privacy and don’t forget about the huge increase in risk of identity theft. 🙁

Obamacare is just another scam. It will never work. It is probably intended to fail, just so they can move us into a (totally) government run system. It’s just simple economics. When something is ‘free’, more people are going to use it than if it has a cost to it. Our health care system is already broken. How in the world can that help it? (It can’t).

More and more people are going to use it for more and more stuff. That is a large part of what caused the prices of our health care system to get so high in the first place. Government wage and price controls after WWII encouraged corporations to pay their employees with health insurance instead of wages.

That insurance encouraged people to spend more on health care (to use that insurance!). Since no one paid any attention to prices (insurance covered it), the price naturally went up. Add in medicare and medicaid and the problem only got worse. So, now how in the heck can adding even MORE people to the insurance scam make prices go down???? Simple, it WON’T!

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