Young Adults and Obamacare

Young Adults and Obamacare | Laissez-Faire Bookstore.

Another good article from Laissez-Faire. This one is another attempt to explain Obamacare. A simple explanation of insurance and markets and how Obamacare is not really either.

Personally, I think Obamacare is a purposeful attempt to screw up our health care system SO bad that everyone will soon be clamoring for a ‘single-payer’ system. Government health care in other words.

So, instead of paying attention to what really caused our system to become so totally screwed up, we just keep on proposing more of the same things that started the problem in the first place. We now have the most expensive and frustrating system on the planet. It didn’t used to be that way. We USED to have the best! It changed because of government interference in the market.

THAT is the ONLY reason our health care is so expensive, why people here fear losing everything if they get sick and don’t have insurance. Open your eyes to the true cause of the problem. Maybe then you will be able to see that Obamacare will NOT be any kind of solution. Neither will a complete government takeover!

Yeah, there are some places on the planet where government health care does (seem to) work. Costa Rica comes to mind. I haven’t been there, but from all I hear, it sounds like its a great system. Not so much the ones I hear more about: UK, Canada, even Sweden. They have serious problems with their systems too. So for getting taxed out the a$$, are they REALLY getting what they’ve paid for? Looks like that’s a no.

In case you didn’t know, Costa Rica does not have any army. We spend I don’t know how many BILLIONS on our military. So, that alone should tell you that we can NOT have anything like Costa Ricas health care system. 

Somebody has got to pay the piper at some point. We can NOT just keep on printing more dollars and hope to be able to buy whatever we feel like it. Sooner or later the bills are not going to be able to be put off any more!

If you’re REALLY interested in solving the problems in our health care system, then you had better start paying attention to history and the REAL cause and effects going on. Obamacare is a disaster waiting to happen. I’m sorry the Republicans caved, but I had no doubt that they would. Why did they sign the damn bill in the first place? Cause they’re all STATISTS, just as bad as the Democrats!

We need to get back to the LIMITED government this country was founded on! Government should NOT be interfering in ANY market and most certainly NOT interfering with something as important as health care! They do NOT have that power! In case you don’t know it, our Supreme Court has been wrong MANY times in the past and their decision on Obamacare is just one more instance of their ignorance of the true purpose of OUR government (to PROTECT our rights!).

I only wonder at this point how long it will take them to throw me in jail, since I won’t be signing up for Obamacare and I will be doing my best to keep my bank accounts empty and not getting any tax refunds so they can’t STEAL my money to pay for the ridiculously expensive ‘insurance’! I’ll probably get better health care in prison then I would under Obamacare. 🙁

Too bad I’ll be costing them 50 grand or so instead of them being able to STEAL that amount out of my pay. That’s what comes from FORCING people to do things they don’t want to do, have no good reason to do, and they’re principled enough to stand up for what’s RIGHT!

Actually, I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that. If I can manage to escape to another country, I won’t be forced to submit to this scam! I’m doing all I can to get out, I just wish I could somehow move faster!! 🙁

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