Window on the Sea

This is an entry for the Word A Week Photograph Challenge: Window from Sue at A Word In Your Ear blog.

I took this one while I was on a trip to Korea a couple of months ago. I really like how it turned out. I’d like to edit it to make it a little better, but I’m at work now and really haven’t had the time to do any of that kind of thing. All my photos lately have been straight from the camera and most have been from my little point and shoot I always keep with me.

0 thoughts on “Window on the Sea

  1. Image manipulation is so subjective that it is hard to give useful advise. One man’s meat, etc. I looked at this image of yours as an 8X10 crop, portrait orientation, showing just a sliver of the window to the right and a bit more of the window to the left. Floor cropped below base of right side stand and the black at the top slightly thinner than the band of sky. I must confess to not knowing how to insert an image into a comment. I will click, drag, drop and hope. Forgive me for “messing” with your image but you did put the question out there. /Users/rickfontes/Desktop/dsc06687.jpg

    • I appreciate your comments and would like to see what you came up with. How exactly can I find it to see it? I think you must have tried to copy and paste it to the comment? It shows up here as a link but I don’t know what the first part of it is.

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