Architecture: Black and White

I tried to find some of the photos in my computer so I could ‘finish’ the task for the other day. To look at these buildings in Black and White. I did look on my computer, but for some reason, I couldn’t find all the photos I used (or I couldn’t get them to a place where I could change them into black and white versions).

Here is what these same photos look like in Black and White. I didn’t change anything else. I probably could have made these look a lot better if I had the time to play around with them and edit them even a little bit. Let me know what you think. Which versions do you like better?

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0 thoughts on “Architecture: Black and White

  1. The Chicago skyscraper is exceptional in color. I expected the Miami Art Deco building with its colored lights to be kind of blah in b&w, but that wasn’t the case at all – in fact, I liked the b&w version better. Great variety of buildings!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments Ellen. I loved that skyscraper in blue too. I don’t think it looked as nice in the BW either. And same as you, I thought the art deco with the colored lights looked much more striking in BW. I was really surprised how much better I liked the New Orleans picture in BW. I really love that one now. I don’t like any of the ancient ones nearly as much in BW.

    • thank you! Personally, I thought that one looked better in color, but it still has nice composition. It’s a picture of the top level of the Buddhist temple of Boroburdur in Java. Those structures he’s standing by are a type of religious building, they each contain small statues of Buddha. You can look inside them and see them. Boroburdur is one of the world heritage sites, one of the largest buildings ever built and really a fascinating place if you like history or religious stuff.

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