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OK, this blog has been fun so far 🙂 I’ve been learning so much. Still have a lot to go. I’ve just been putting some of the interesting stuff I come across during the day on here. Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving the rig and heading to Boston for a class on writing/photography/blogging (by AWAI). I’m REALLY cutting it close. I didn’t plan on being on the move on the rig for crew change. I just have to hope things don’t get too screwed up in the morning and I can make it to the airport in Houston on time. The way things are supposed to work is: my relief will arrive at the heliport in Lake Charles, LA by 0530. They will leave around daylight as long as the weather looks good (no rain). They will have to stop in Fourchon for fuel so they should get out here by 0800? They will fuel again here. We should leave here by 0900, stop to fuel up in Fourchon and hopefully arrive in Lake Charles by 1100. I have a driver waiting for me there and IF all goes well, we should make it to IAH (Bush Intercontinental) by 1500. Nothing usually works out as scheduled in the oilfield! If I make it to IAH on time, I’ll hang out in the lounge and might be able to get on here to say a few things. My flight leaves at 1900, I arrive in Boston at midnight. So, straight to the hotel and BED! Up at 0600 to get ready for class at 0800! WOW! I am really excited about it. I hope I can absorb everything they’re going to be teaching us 😉

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    • Hi 3heads!
      Glad you found me! I did make it to Lake Charles, it was quite a morning. First the rig medic said no more flights from Lake Charles, they would all have to go through Fourchon again! He really got me going before he said, no more AFTER mine! Thank GOD, I don’t think I would have been able to get everything changed around again that fast. We did leave the rig about 0930. I had checked all the Gulf area RADARs at 0600 and none were showing much but small scattered showers to the East of the River. By the time we left, they were on the move. We stopped in Fourchon for fuel and when we left there the rain was all around. I think we were lucky the pilots were already so far from Fourchon or they might have turned around. I did get some pictures, none of them really good since there was just too much movement and the reflections in the windows didn’t help either. I’ll post some later when I get a chance to get them on the computer.

  1. Hey Jill!
    Hope you made it to your class on time. Just browsing on here and saw the name of your blog and it struck me as really familiar. Then finally the light switched on and I realized you filled in for me on the 2! Any way, time to get back on the desk, please let me know how you like the class.


    • Hey Jeff,
      Wow! Glad you found me on here. That’s funny, you actually know me and got here without me telling you to check out my blog 🙂 Maybe I’ll see you on the 2 again sometime.

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