Art Created From Undocumented Immigrants’ Discarded Objects – Politics – Utne Reader

Art Created From Undocumented Immigrants’ Discarded Objects – Politics – Utne Reader.

I really would have to see the art to say anything about it. I have been to museums before, looked at a piece of ‘art’ they had there and said to myself, “WTF”??? I really don’t see what makes a simple black or white painted canvas “art”, or at least what makes that art good enough to cost thousands of dollars to hang in a museum.

My idea of art is probably not the official definition but I think art is something that creates a response in the audience. I expect that this art does. According to the article, it has already pissed off at least one right winger (blogger Debbie Schlussel-in case anyone here follows her- I never heard of her til now).

I think its a good thing to stir up emotions, to make people feel, hopefully to eventually make them THINK. That is what I am hoping to do with this blog. I was glad to see this article in Utne Reader since I think the US-Mexico border is something we really need to THINK about as a nation. I have never really agreed with the whole idea of keeping people in/out of a place. I think ALL people should be able to travel freely. Of course, that will get me vilified by most of the people in the USA. I am not really sure about the whole job/employment situation as to: do the immigrants (illegal) take away jobs or lower the wages for those of us already here? I have seen studies that show the illegal immigrants put in just as much or more than they take out of the system.  I DO think the major problem most ordinary people have with immigrants (especially illegal ones) is the fact that we have a huge welfare state now and so they get all kinds of ‘freebies”. My solution would be to stop the original problem first, which would be the welfare state. This country was NOT intended to work that way, its founding principles will not support that outlook. We are supposed to be a country of FREE men, that is incompatible with any kind of welfare state! How can you be dependent and free at the same time?

Hope to get some comments on this post since I really have more to say but I’ve got to run off to class this morning. More later (maybe).

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