Weapons Of Mass Repetition : Personal Liberty™

Weapons Of Mass Repetition : Personal Liberty™.

Good article on Obamas latest war. I am totally against this war, as I was totally against every other “war” we have been involved in since probably the War of 1812! I say “war” with quotes since according to the Constitution, only Congress can declare war and they have not done so since WWII! History has shown that we were manipulated into both WWI and WWII, the Spanish American War and the Korean War and the Vietnam War. What is it going to take for the American people to stop listening to our so-called leaders? They have been telling us nothing but lies and manipulating us for decades now (if they EVER told us the truth). All I can do is HOPE we don’t get into yet one more stupid “war” where we will LOSE once again, since we really have no business there. The only other thing I can do is to pass on these articles in hopes that other people will also think about whats really going on and get riled up enough to get involved. Any comments???

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