Beating Swords into Solar Panels

Beating Swords into Solar Panels – Politics – Utne Reader.

Well, there’s a lot in this article I disagree with, but I sure as hell agree that we can and should start dismantling our military-industrial(-prison) complex. It has become so big and bloated, it’s corrupting our politicians and its lobbyists have convinced “our leaders” that we MUST continue to spend billions to imprison people for decades for possession of a plant(??!!), or to blow up people in foreign countries rather than take care of our own people here.

We do NOT need to keep spending those billions- no,trillions!- of dollars to keep our country safe! There is no other country in the world today that can even come close to our military capabilities. WHY do we keep on building more, more, more???

It’s simple, the defense (at home and abroad) industries make billions (trillions) of dollars off our FEAR and ignorance. They will keep on spending millions to convince “our leaders” that they need to keep on spending our tax dollars on the military-industrial-prison complex.

Those ‘leaders’ will not ever think to actually CUT military (or prison) spending. Oh, NO!! They might lose a few jobs in their district. Those people who would be affected by a military operation closing down will be screaming bloody murder.

Maybe they might actually be better off if we weren’t spending trillions on military crap! Or locking people up for trivial BS! Their taxes might go down so they could have a better standard of living if we stopped spending so much on the military.

If people actually followed the suggestion in the article and converted that military spending to spending on something useful (productive) instead, they might actually be SO much better off, they might enjoy making something that HELPS the world instead of destroying it. They might enjoy having more peace and prosperity around the planet. They might enjoy having more money to spend when (if) the US ever gets around to lowering taxes like they should as a byproduct of cutting military spending.

I can’t even imagine all the fantastic things the people who work now on military projects could come up with if they were turned loose into the commercial/civilian marketplace. Wow! Just think of all the cool things they would come up with. These are intelligent, determined, educated people we’re talking about! How about all the good that would come from allowing all those people we lock up for victimless ‘crimes’ (possession, gambling, prostitution, etc) just get on with their lives instead of locking them up and so ruining their (and their families) lives forever?

The article focuses on environmental projects, stopping global warming, etc. Sure, they might eventually be able to make a dent in that. There is just SO much they could be working on to help make things better instead of finding more ways to destroy everything.

Yeah, I’m sure the military people (law enforcement too) probably think they’re out there fighting to save the world. I know they get told that they’re ‘fighting for our freedom’ here. All I can say to that is… why the heck do they always enlist YOUNG people to do all the dirty work???

Probably because by the time they grow up a little and spend a little time learning the truth, they won’t go fight someone else’s battles for them anymore! They finally figure out they’re only being USED to make money for somebody in the background. Anyone who really believes ‘our’ military is fighting for our freedom is surely needing to do a bit more thinking about things.

I could say a LOT more about that, but I’ll leave off by saying this: if they’re fighting for OUR freedom, they’re doing a pretty shitty job of it! We’ve lost a HELL of a lot of OUR freedom since 9-11!!! All those stupid wars (including the drug war) we’ve got involved in since then haven’t saved one tiny iota of OUR freedom! So, maybe, just maybe, all you cops and military people ought to just rethink your basic assumptions.

The Rise of the Antiwar Libertarians

The Rise of the Antiwar Libertarians – The Daily Beast.

I can’t agree with them calling either Justin Amash or Rand Paul Libertarians. They’re not. RON Paul was the only Libertarian we’ve had in D.C. for a LONG time.

I can say I’m glad to hear the word libertarian mentioned in some other context than in reference to a ‘nut job’ 🙂

I’m happy they’re both against the war on Syria. I would just like to see them actually follow some consistent principles of liberty. As long as they stick with the Republicans, that pretty much eliminates the chance of that happening. 🙁

I would LOVE to see these guys lead this country back to its founding principles of INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY. In other words: Libertarian principles! I don’t see it happening until WE start pushing them that way.

All I can do at this point is to write letters of support when they DO manage to support the right side of an issue (one that supports individual liberty), and telling them why they were wrong when they supported the opposite.

I can only HOPE they actually read my letters. To think they might pay some attention and THINK about what I’m saying about principles and basing actions on them would be fantastic! Pipe dream? Probably 🙁

PS- try the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz at the top of my page and see where you land. I’m a libertarian 🙂 What are you?

Obama and Bush…


I got this from the Dollar Vigilante, I love their newsletter, they have lots of good information about what’s going on in the US and around the world

Weapons Of Mass Repetition : Personal Liberty™

Weapons Of Mass Repetition : Personal Liberty™.

Good article on Obamas latest war. I am totally against this war, as I was totally against every other “war” we have been involved in since probably the War of 1812! I say “war” with quotes since according to the Constitution, only Congress can declare war and they have not done so since WWII! History has shown that we were manipulated into both WWI and WWII, the Spanish American War and the Korean War and the Vietnam War. What is it going to take for the American people to stop listening to our so-called leaders? They have been telling us nothing but lies and manipulating us for decades now (if they EVER told us the truth). All I can do is HOPE we don’t get into yet one more stupid “war” where we will LOSE once again, since we really have no business there. The only other thing I can do is to pass on these articles in hopes that other people will also think about whats really going on and get riled up enough to get involved. Any comments???