Libertarian Futurist Society

Libertarian Futurist Society.

This is a listing of all the past Prometheus Awards. They’re awarded for the best Libertarian science fiction of the year. I’ve read and enjoyed quite a few. I like books that make you THINK and these sure fit the bill! I’ve already read a lot of these books and seeing the list now makes me want to read some more of them 🙂 Some of my favorites on the list (I didn’t even know about the list when I read them)…

2009- Little Brother- Cory Doctorow

2011- Animal Farm- Hall of Fame- George Orwell

2009- Lord of the Rings- Hall of Fame- J.R.R. Tolkien

1998- Time Enough for Love- Hall of Fame- Robert Heinlein

1984- Farenheit 451- Hall of Fame- Ray Bradbury

1983- Atlas Shrugged- Hall of Fame- Ayn Rand

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