LoneStarCon 3 – 71st Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas

LoneStarCon 3 – 71st Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas.

Jeeze, sorry I’m so late on this one. I got the news in an email from the Advocates for Self Government but I didn’t really get around to reading it til this morning. If anyone is in San Antonio, they can probably still get there in time to check it out in person.

If I wasn’t getting ready to go back to work already, I would LOVE to go to this event. I love reading, especially science fiction! I’ve never been to anything like this but I bet it would be loads of fun. Film festival, exhibits, Hugo award ceremony, astronaut to meet, etc… ┬áIts also being covered online so if you can’t make it to San Antonio, you can still see what’s going on.

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