Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Ship departing SW Pass

Ship departing SW Pass

Here’s another photo for the “sea” challenge of the week. I have TONS of these 😉 The sea is my first love and I am out there most of the time. Just don’t have a decent camera most days. I was lucky this time, I got to sit by the window of the helicopter on the way in last time and got some decent shots.

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    • Hi Charlie,
      I’m glad you like it. It was such a grey day 🙁 I had such a hard time with vibration and reflections of the window of the helicopter. I’m happy to get a couple of decent pictures tho only with my little point-n-shoot. The ship is departing the mouth of the Mississippi River. The black lines are the jetties (piles of rocks) to help with the water flow and sedimentation.
      Take care,

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