Bringing Life Back to Soil

Bringing Life Back to Soil.

Another interesting article from Utne Reader this morning. Since we’ve started our “Liberty Garden” (at my local Campaign for Liberty meetup group), I’ve been paying a lot more attention to this kind of thing.

I’ve been trying to get things to grow around my house ever since I got my own place. When I had other people living there, I thought maybe I could grow an actual garden. Yeah, riiiiight…. I left it all nice and healthy, when I came home after 2-3 months at sea everything was either eaten up or covered with weeds 🙁 Since then, I’ve given up on a formal ‘garden’ and have been just trying to find things that will grow by themselves. Things I can leave alone and don’t have to worry about tending to.

So far, I’ve tried grapes, almonds, pineapples, oranges, limes, lemons, pomegranates, apples, pears. So far, the only thing I have had produce anything is the lime tree. It just loads up with little green limes that turn orange later on. I almost had a pineapple a couple years back but then it froze 🙁 I guess its not cold enough for the almonds, will have to switch back to peaches tho I really don’t like peaches nearly as much as almonds. Everything else is too young to know if they will eventually produce or not.

Oh yeah, the roses are hanging in there. I have canna lilies that do real well. I also have mimosas that just won’t stop ( I whack them down every time I come home and they’re back again when I get off). The clematis is so pretty but grows like a WEED and covers everything! Anybody know how the hell to get it to STOP??!!? Its growing all in my grass and mowing it doesn’t really help much. I pull it all off the other plants when I get home, but it just comes back even worse! I think its this one- Sweet Autumn Clematis (Clematis terniflora).

Clematis terniflora

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