Underwater Volcano Dubbed World’s Largest

Underwater Volcano Dubbed World’s Largest.

More discoveries under the ocean! We really need to learn more about the earth, we keep finding all kinds of stuff we never knew about. This volcano, the Tamu Massif, is 120,000 square miles! Its worth reading the article 😉

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  1. Funny how we do seem to have a lot in common, and the similar things that attract our attention. I JUST saw that article on the largest Volcano underwater.. WOW…
    scares the poo outa me.. one day… yikes!

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    This volcano is the largest in the world, and between Japan and Hawaii.. who knew? Well, most citizens of the world are definitely clueless to the amazing things we have around the world.. And if we don’t STOP polluting, fracking and destroying what we have, it won’t be there..for the next generation or your grandkids generation.

  3. the erupted lava flows must have traveled long distances compared to most other volcanoes on Earth. Thank goodness it is extinct. It is 120,000 square miles and to compare, one Island in Hawaii is 2,000 square miles.. When you stand on it, it gradually slopes and you can’t tell if you are climbing or descending.. according to the discovery. COOL info~

    • amazing isn’t it, that we’re just finding out about this HUGE volcano! It would be so cool to work on one of those research ships. I’ve done a little bit of that kind of work, but it doesn’t pay enough. It seems all the interesting jobs figure you’ll do it for the ‘fun factor’ so they don’t need to pay you anything 🙁

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