We’re All Edward Snowden Now

We’re All Edward Snowden Now | Laissez-Faire Bookstore.

Another good post from the Laissez-Faire Bookstore… Yes, I agree, we are all in the position of having to make a choice. Make a stand. How much are we going to put up with? How many wrongs are we willing to just stand by and allow them to perpetrate in our names???

You can no longer deny that ‘our’ government is acting illegally thanks to Edward Snowden. THANK YOU EDWARD SNOWDEN! They have absolutely NO reason, NO authority, NO permission, NO consent to violate our rights and spy on us! They never did, they do NOT NOW!

They are spying on everybody here in the USA and around the world. NOTHING they could find would ever be able to justify this kind of thing, NOTHING! IF they had some kind of reasonable cause, they could always go and get a warrant. Since they don’t do that, obviously they do NOT have any kind of cause.

This needs to STOP NOW!

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