Homeless? No Food For You!

Homeless? No Food For You! : Personal Liberty™.

This is just outrageous! If I lived in one of these cities, I would be down there at city hall hounding those people mercilessly (and probably get arrested- again). Just who the HELL do they think they are??!!

These good people, these charitable organizations are on PUBLIC property (which being public belongs to THEM as well as those homeless people they are trying to serve!). They even went to the trouble of approaching private property owners and getting permission to help people out there. The cops STILL chased them away and threatened them with arrest!

WTF is wrong with these people. Both the city officials who would make such idiotic “laws” and the cops that will try to enforce them? Don’t they have any brains left? How about a bit of humanity????

They make the point quite clearly at the end and I couldn’t agree more. These people could care less about anything but CONTROL!

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