Where Does Facebook Stop and the NSA Begin?

Where Does Facebook Stop and the NSA Begin? | Mother Jones.

Here’s another article re: the NSA. It goes right along with the one I posted yesterday (and my related rant about it). In case anyone did not realize it, it’s not only the NSA that is spying on us. As this article points out, pretty much EVERYONE is spying on us.

Facebook is just one corporation that is in cahoots with the federal government to suck up our personal information and use it (against us) for their benefit. Apparently Facebook has some kind of deal with the feds to just hand it right on over, no warrant required.

I really don’t like the fact that my information, that I am just hoping certain people to see will be collected by some giant corporation and then sold to the feds. This way the government can get around the constitution (not really- but they hope we’ll fall for it) and steal all our information without going through the bother of obeying the LAW (the constitution) and having something specific enough to look for that they can ask for and get a warrant!

Yeah, I know that when I post to Facebook everybody in the world can look at it if they want. I’m hoping that people that I know, or people with similar interests will stop by my page and join in the conversation. I’m NOT really trying to send it directly to some government goon with nothing better to do than spend his entire career illegally spying on people!

You question my calling it “illegal spying”? I call it that because they do NOT have any probable cause to look at anything I do! They do not have any warrant! ANY time the government looks at ANYTHING to do with you without probable cause and a warrant IS illegal under the constitutions 4th and 5th amendments (and others)!

I just can NOT understand why more people aren’t up in arms over this. People really don’t give a damn about the daily violations and constant erosion of their freedom. WHY? Can anybody explain this total apathy? Have Americans been THAT brainwashed, THAT terrified by their government as to allow anything and everything that same government wants to do as long as they say it’s ‘for our own good’? 🙁

Yeah, I guess Facebook might be classified as a ‘public’ space, but who says the government can sneak up and eavesdrop on a conversation you’re having among friends in the park??

It’s really the same thing.

ALL human beings have a RIGHT to privacy! It’s a basic necessity for any civilized society.

The US government was formed ONLY to PROTECT those rights we already had just because we are human beings! WHEN are people going to realize that the government is NOT doing ANY of this stuff for our own good but only for THEIR own good?

WTF is it going to take to get people to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?????

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  1. I can’t argue with a single point. But in answer to your question, people are just busy filling their brains with sports and celeb news that they don’t see their freedom being pulled out from under them inch by inch. And then there those who value being taken care of by the government more than the freedom that enabled them to vote these criminals into power.

    • Agree with you Penny, its so sad. I wish I could find some way to change that, unless people will wake up and pay some attention, we are all going to wind up SO screwed. Do you think they will mind that when it happens?

        • yeah, I agree Penny.
          I’ve about to give up again. Trying my best to get out before the SHTF but still no real way to make that happen without having to give up everything. 🙁

          • I know what you mean. We’re working on an escape plan that we hope we never have to use. Nothing would be better than living in freedom right here, but if we can’t be free here, we’ll be free somewhere else. My adopted country is almost unrecognizable from when we moved here in 1980!

          • I know exactly what you mean Penny. I will be free SOMEWHERE! It’s so hard to believe that Americans are allowing this creeping tyranny to happen and they don’t even seen to care. Not at all, most of them seem to be thrilled that our freedom is being stolen from us all. More and more every day. 🙁

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