Utne Monthly Music Sampler

Utne Monthly Music Sampler.

OK, so here it is (finally). This months (or maybe it’s last months by now) Monthly Music Sampler from Utne Reader.

I always love to get these and check out all the interesting music. Artists I never would have heard of otherwise. I think it’s one of my favorite parts of the magazine, tho they also do the same thing with films/videos, magazines/books, etc and I’ve found a lot of really great stuff from looking at some of their suggestions.

The Utne Reader used to call itself ‘the Best of the Alternative Press’ and that was exactly what it was. Now, their tag line is ‘Cure Ignorance’ which I like, but I’m not sure that is really as accurate or if the magazine is really doing any of that (curing ignorance). 😉

So, this months sampler has some music I really liked a lot. I’ve already made a couple of posts about individual songs…



Other then those 2 bands with the links above (Lily and Madeline and PigPen Theatre Company), there are songs by the Casket Girls, the Temples, the Liminanas, by itsnotyouitsme, and a great one by De Temps Antan (in French I think).

There’s everything from indie folk, to jazz, to psychedelic, to French flavored folk/cajun. There’s a good selection from England, France, Canada, and around the USA. I really enjoyed this months samples. I hope you do too. 🙂

Comments appreciated here