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I can do all those things for everything EXCEPT losing weight. I don’t know why dieting is the only thing I can’t get to work. Maybe just because it’s FOREVER. It only took me 35 years to get my unlimited masters license. It’s already been 40+ years I’ve been trying to lose weight and I STILL can’t manage it. I think those same things are the keys to weight loss too.

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  1. Now that is flat out interesting. It has been tough for me too. I am finally back down to the weight I was in 2007. I’ve lost 15 pounds since October. I would really like to lose 15 more. Diet and exercise don’t always cut it. Blood pressure and sugar, (I was diagnosed about 10 hours before my second heart attack back in 2012), are under control. And the more I lose the better it gets. I feel better. Not as good as 2007 or 2008 after getting off The Performer, but damn good. I wish you well my friend and good luck too. It is never an easy task to lose weight irregardless what the 6 pack abs tell you. I can promise you this though, if you can manage to lose some #’s then you will not believe how much you will feel better. As you lose you are never aware of what and how much you begin to just feel alive. Until one morning after a good drunk you get up and feel absolutely fucking great. And you realize that life is good to the point that you are happy when you wake up and there are no roots in your face. (Ha)


    • Hey Mike that’s GREAT!!
      I know for sure it’s NOT always just diet and exercise. If it was, I would not be fat any more. 😉 Yeah, sure I fall off the wagon (a lot), but I sure SHOULD have been able to lose weight if that was ALL there was to it!
      I’m sure you must be right as to how you feel when you manage to lose the weight. I just keep on trying and hoping and doing the best I can and maybe one of these days I’ll get there.
      I DO really enjoy good food and drink so I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen but I do try. I think if I can ever stay at home long enough, it’ll be a lot easier. You know how it is out here. Fried Friday, Steak Saturday, etc…

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