Did you know the Paris (CDG) airport has free wi-fi?

Thank goodness since I haven’t been able to gain access to any of the airline lounges here. Usually, I can always get into the United lounge, but I can’t find one here (maybe I’m just lost, this airport is HUGE).

For some strange reason, they don’t have a Petroleum Club in Houston. I mean really, it’s the oil capital of the world! They do have one in Paris. It’s only a half hour ride away from the airport. WTF???

WHY would they put an airline lounge OUTSIDE of the airport? And so away it’s hardly useful for any layover less than 3-4 hours?

I don’t get it. AND, the same airlines (Air France and KLM) who have the Petroleum Clubs DO have regular old airline lounges INSIDE the airport, but you’re not allowed inside if you’re ONLY a Petroleum Club member.

The Petroleum Club is supposed to be exclusive. Much more so than just the regular airline lounges. I don’t understand why they don’t allow access. You have to fly enough to get the next level of card. I only have ‘ivory’. 🙁

Anybody from the airlines on here that could enlighten me about this? I’ve already tried asking around at the airport and get no real answers.

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