Photography 101 Challenge: Street

I’m going to try again to participate in one of the Blogging University’s challenges. This one is Photography 101. A picture a day to challenge us to improve our photography. I HOPE I can keep up with this one, but I’m already a couple of days behind.

I’m due off the rig and will start traveling home tomorrow morning (if all goes well). So I’ll probably have even less internet access than I’ve had here on board. I’m also stuck without my good camera here and can’t take any photos here anyway (I have to get a hot work permit to use the camera on deck).

Anyway, here’s my photo for ‘street’.

This is a photo I took last time I was down at the beach. I say beach cause the name of the town is ‘Surfside Beach’ (Texas).

I used to live down there for a while and most of my friends still do. If I go out when I’m home, this is usually where I go. I don’t actually spend much time anymore on the real beach like I used to. I just like to hang out with my friends and catch up on all the local news and gossip.

I really only stopped to take the photo because of the huge thunderstorm on the way. Notice the big black clouds in the background. The weather is usually pretty nice there. It’s especially nice in the summer when there’s always a good sea breeze. The winter is my favorite time to go to the beach there, there’s nobody else around and you can drive all the way to Galveston right at the waters edge. 🙂

PS- the featured image for this post was taken right around the corner from the one I chose for this post. I took it at the St Patrick’s Day Parade last year (it was raining, but that didn’t stop the parade). 🙂

Let me know which photo you like better (and why), it will help me improve my photography, which is part of the reason I’m doing this challenge.

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Found your blog as part of the photography challenge. I read a few of your posts and enjoyed really enjoyed your straight forward and matter of fact style, something I need to work on in my own writing. Anyway, I love being on the water and at sea but I don’t get to do it often enough. I think you said you were a DPO, gonna have to google that and find out what it means.

    • Thank you Richard for your nice comments. I appreciate that. 🙂
      I haven’t had much time to spend online here, I don’t really have good access to the internet while I’m at work here.
      I’m a DPO, that means Dynamic Positioning Operator. I’m also a licensed captain (master any gross tons) but I’m not working as captain here, DPO does 2nd mate duties. The ships are run by computers and we tell the computer what to tell the ship to do. Hope that explains a little bit. I’m sure you’ll find a lot more if you google it. 😉

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