Ron Paul: "We now live in a police state"…

Yes, Ron Paul is right about this (as he was about so many other things). Most Americans refuse to open their eyes to this truth (or about the rest of them). They seem to be either just slogging through the daily grind with no time to think or anything else. Or they’re completely convinced that the OTHER mainstream political party is the cause of all the problems in the world.

Truth is that BOTH the mainstream political parties are in reality the SAME and they ARE the cause of most of Americas problems. Try getting people to see the truth to that, keep on banging your head against the wall.
Yes, we ARE living in a police state! Thanks to Ron Paul for all his work, from another head-banger. 🙁

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    • yes, it is much worse in some places, that is no excuse for what is happening HERE, where WE can (supposedly) do something about it. It’s so frustrating to me that so many people just accept it like there’s nothing we can do and we just have to put up with it.

  1. wow you are having so many wonderful adventures Jill so is that a whale in the top picture? What is really happening in the picture Jill?
    Is there something wrong with the poor creature?

    • I’m not sure what picture you’re referring to Hannah. I went back and clicked on the links in the post and I don’t see anything like a whale.
      Only thing I can think of is the picture I use for my ‘gravatar’, the little picture that shows up by my name. That is a ‘tonino’ its a dolphin, they call them the “pandas of the sea”. I took the picture when I went to Argentina with my friend (she is a chief mate on a ship I used to work on). We went out on those little boats to go watch those dolphins. They’re very fast!

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