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Todays post for the A to Z Challenge is: TEFL-teaching English as a foreign language. This is something I’ve been considering since we first went to Thailand to find the cause of the tsunami when I was still working for Oceaneering.

I really loved Thailand and wanted to figure out a way to move there. I started looking into what it would take to move there permanently. I found out that I would not be allowed to work as anything other than an English teacher.

Of course, if I wasn’t working- if I wanted to open a business and hire locals, or I was rich enough to ‘retire’ with a steady income- then I would be welcome. I just wouldn’t be allowed to take any job from a local.

Turns out, it was pretty much the same story in every other country I looked into. 🙁

For years, taking the TEFL course was in the back of my mind. I was interested in doing it, but as long as I was working offshore, I just couldn’t justify giving up that lifestyle.

Well, things have changed drastically around here lately. I got laid off last September. I did manage to find a job after that, but it didn’t last long. I work a couple of days a month up in Houston. I’m still hoping to get a call to go back offshore any day, but it’s getting harder to keep that hope going as the days keep passing with no calls, no response to emails or online applications, nothing. 🙁

I finally went to take the course and get certified in TEFL. I had a great time while taking the course in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico a couple of months ago. I got to teach and I actually kind of enjoyed it. I think once I get used to it, I might like it.

I came back home because I was supposed to ship out for a short job. Short, but long enough to stock up the savings again. I had planned to go right back down to Mexico to start teaching. I had to put that on hold. I’m still waiting to ship out. 🙁

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    • Thanks Penny, yes you’re right, the sea really is where my heart is. If I have to teach, I’d much prefer teaching sailing, navigation or something else to do with being at sea, I’m trying to find options like that now. I’ve applied to NY and Maine maritime academies to go on their summer cruises, no replies yet so I think they’re not going to answer. I’ve put my resume in on a teaching position in New Orleans for DP, but they haven’t even technically started looking for that position yet. If I have to move, I’d MUCH prefer it to be overseas somewhere, but NO isn’t too bad.
      I hate to give up working offshore, even if they cut the money in half, the time off is where it’s at for me. And the traveling of course. 🙂

  1. this is what my daughter did when she landed in China, and could not get a workpermit, so she went to get her British passport (she was born there), went to Hong Kong to take the TEFL course and certification and went back to join her partner in China, to teach little rich kids English……tada…..luckily she is back home and was offered a job more to her capacity, at the University but I admire her for her bravery…..and admire you too Jill

    • sounds like she probably had some cool adventures. I’m glad she found something better.
      I need to get off my ass, pack up my shit here and hit the road. I wish I could stop worrying about all the problems and just do it! Not so brave Janny. 🙁

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