Did I Pass?

I had to take a math test this afternoon. I applied for a job at Mathnasium and that’s part of the process. They want to make sure you know what you’re doing before they turn you loose to tutor their clients. 😉

I think I might have failed it. I should have studied. I think I did OK on the algebra, but I forgot a lot of the formulas for geometry (area of a circle, triangle, etc). I never was good at word problems either.I haven’t done any math like that since I graduated college (2000). 🙁

I’m interested to hear what my scores are. The job probably won’t start til August, and I’m REALLY hoping to get a ‘real’ job (offshore) by then. It’ll still be a good part time gig anyway.

3 thoughts on “Did I Pass?

    • Thanks! I haven’t been spending any more time than I have to in order to get what I have to finished. My computers have been giving me fits for the last couple of months. I still can’t get decent internet here at home and it’s driving me batty!

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