Junk Food As Addictive As Illicit Drugs

Junk Food As Addictive As Illicit Drugs : Personal Liberty™.

Oh yeah, they’re definitely working on it. Soon enough, they’ll be making all those fattening foods illegal too. Mayor Bloominidiot  already tried it in NYC. 🙁

We are turning into a nanny state. No doubt about it. ‘Do what we tell you or we WILL find a way to punish you.’ Nanny knows best. 🙁

Yes, sugar is bad for you. Yes, it will make you fat. We’ve all known that forever. We REALLY don’t need anybody coming up with more stupid laws to keep us from eating it. We WILL find a way! Just like the idiotic war against (some) drugs, when people want something, they WILL get it. It’s not the ‘thing’ (whatever it may be) that causes problems, its the prohibition of it that does.

Just like with the war on (some) drugs, a war on sugar will turn into another expensive, destructive war on US. STOP trying to FORCE everybody to live the way YOU think is best!!! Leave us the hell alone! (NO, you should NOT have to pay for my health care when I get sick from eating fattening foods, just like you should NOT have to pay for me if I get cancer from smoking. The problem there is health INSURANCE, NOT my choices of how to live MY life!)

The only thing that would help this situation would be for the producers to label their products CORRECTLY instead of the way they do now (which is borderline fraud). Label foods containing HFCS as poison and maybe people will actually get to know what is in the food they’re buying. Label GMOs as just simply GMOs so people will know what they’re buying. What’s wrong with that??? Why don’t they already have to do that????

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