Scary Moment: Barge Crew Swims to Shore as Super Typhoon Lashes Coast

Scary Moment: Barge Crew Swims to Shore as Super Typhoon Lashes Coast | gCaptain

I know the typhoon has passed now and the clean up and recovery stage is just starting but I thought some people who are not in the Philippines or have not had the experience of going through a hurricane or typhoon might like to see this video.

It’s a good example of some of the sorts of things people have to deal with when this kind of storm approaches. The crew of this barge was very lucky they were all able to get off and no one got hurt or killed.

I hope they managed to keep that status AFTER they made it to shore!! I sure hope the people of the Philippines will be able to make a speedy recovery from this horrible storm. I know that the US is already sending a couple of ships and other aid. I’ve already seen a few emails from charity groups collecting aid.

We’ll do what we can to help from here.

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  1. Survivors trying to live one day at a time. Heart breaking. Even angers me at times just watching the local news in the Philippines being so slow in responding to the hungry, the homeless, the thirsty and cold. Even BBC and CNN spokeperson’s already getting frustrated. Friends and family here around Houston, Pearland and Sugarland trying to raise funds in whatever way they can to give direkly to local agencies that currently are helping out. I’m from Capiz which is also badly hit and a lot of my classmates and I that works in Med center trying raise funds so that a lot of our neighbors and townsmen who lost everything can have some food and water that so far the government hasn’t helped. I’m trtying to figure out what kind of fundraising I can do this weekend. i want my son to see how Filipinos and humanity in general help each other in time of need. Thank you for sharing. your thoughts on my About paged.

    • Yes, it is hard to see the devastation there and try to comprehend the way the people there will have to try to find ways to deal with it all. I am also trying to help along with many in the maritime community. I don’t know if you’re aware but the Filipino seamen are some of the most well known and appreciated around the world. I will be putting a link up on my local meetup groups page ( as soon as I can figure it out 😉 and link to some of the other groups trying to help.
      I do think we can help a lot as volunteers and just people in general and it cheers me to realize how much voluntary action really does help so much. I think people are in general good and willing to help each other when we can.

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