Luggage Located

I heard from the captain yesterday that my luggage has been found! 🙂
I have no idea where it was or where it went or when it showed up in Luanda.
But we have been informed that it IS at the agents office in Luanda.
Now I only have to wait until they can deliver it to the ship.
Will it come on a helicopter in tomorrows crew change? Or will it come in a boat in a few days or a week? Or will I just be able to pick it up at the agents when I leave here to go home?

6 thoughts on “Luggage Located

  1. Girl has luggage. Girl loses luggage. Girl gets luggage back. On the surface; a touching story. In reality, though, the part in the middle was a real pain in the butt! Sorry you had to deal with that, but I’m glad that you and your luggage will soon be reunited!

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