Songs of the Sea: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

This is a classic song from the maritime industry. Gordon Lightfoot wrote and performed it and it was a big hit back in the 60’s. It’s about the sinking of the ‘Laker’ SS Edmund Fitzgerald in a winter storm almost 40 years ago (November 1975).

She was the pride of the Lakes fleet and it was such a tragedy when she went down. Lost with all hands aboard. It almost makes me cry sometimes when I pay attention to what he’s saying. We can never forget the power of the sea.

This is a sad song, but it’s also a good one. What do you think?

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  1. It is a Lightfoot masterpiece written in late 1975 after the sinking on Nov.10,1975. It was released in 1976 so couldn’t have been heard on the radio in the 60’s.. In 1967 he released his other epic tune, The Canadian Railroad Trilogy for Canada’s 100th birthday/Centennial year. has current tour info with more dates to come for the rest of 2015.. – discussion board for fans at… Char, TORONTO, Ontario.

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