Me Time. Not.

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

That was the latest prompt from the Daily Post I thought I could work with. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. 🙂

My ideal Saturday morning would probably consist of sleeping late (rolling over and going back to sleep the 1st time I wake up and taking at least 2-3 hours more time to get a GOOD nights rest).

Once I got in enough sleep, I’d like to wake up to savor a delicious breakfast. One I could take my time over while reading a good book. Preferably something somebody else cooked for me. I can picture some ricotta stuffed pancakes I recently saw in Woman’s Day magazine (they look fantastic, but waaaay too much trouble for me to actually try to cook). Or maybe I would just have some Eggs Benedict, I really do love that sauce. 🙂

After a long leisurely breakfast/brunch, possibly with a mimosa or simple spiked orange juice, I might decide to work on some of my projects: writing, photography, blogging, painting, etc. If the weather’s nice, I’ll take my daily walk around the neighborhood. I might go out and play around in the yard, try to get the garden going again (because I’m gone so much, I don’t have much luck with it).

Yep, that sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning to me. 🙂

Am I doing them this morning? Nope (it’s already Sunday and we had drills this morning). I’m at work and will be here for at least another week and a half. Best I can manage out here is to relax over a cup of tea and a smoke. I’ll have to put off my ‘me time’ til after I get back home. Something to look forward to. 🙂

How about you? What is your perfect Saturday morning like? And do you ever get to enjoy one? 🙂

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      • Just re read your post, and realise now it was not just about food. Sorry, I got blinkered by that heavenly pile of pancakes. I’m lucky I guess in that I can have a lie in most mornings if I want one (and the dog permits). I get Me Time walking her on my own when I need to think or if Hubby needs some Him time and does his own thing leaving me on the boat.
        That pile of pancakes is like some mythical siren, calling me away to the joys of calories and sin!

        • I’m out here on the ship (at work) and I have to say this is about the worst I’ve ever been on as far as the food is concerned. Usually, these ships feed you pretty good, All kinds of good stuff and plenty of it. I was drooling over those pancakes too, the ones they serve us here are usually cold, dense, dry and hardened up from sitting out too long. 🙁 We really don’t have much choice about what to eat here. We have to eat when and what they serve us. I always look forward to getting home if for no other reason then I can eat when I’m actually hungry, I can take my time instead of having to shovel it down in 20 minutes, I can eat what I enjoy instead of having to choose from things I never would have thought to eat on my own. Oh Well, I just found out yesterday I’ll be going to a different ship next hitch. Maybe it will be better over there.

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