Met A Neighbor Today

Isn’t it cool? I think it’s neat, that I can be at work thousands of miles away from home and meet someone who lives less than a mile from my house.

That’s one thing about being a sailor, it’s a small world out here. I almost always know someone onboard, or we might have worked with the same people in the past, or on the same ship at some point. It gives us a good starting point to talk about.

People we know, ships we’ve sailed, ports we’ve been to. It’s nice to have that commonality right from the start when you step aboard thousands of miles from home on a new ship with a new crew.

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  1. Hi Jill,

    How is life on the rig?.. are you steaming on your own power up the coast or under tow?

    I am here in new Orleans at “ Houston Marine “ attending the “Leadership and management “ 5 day class.. this stuff it never ends.

    Just got back from offshore Angola on another off-hire marine survey job on the 600 ft. accommodation barge the “Camelot”

    I don’t know what is next for me…. it is doom and gloom with all the guys in the class.. another serious downturn here in the Gulf and worldwide..

    Be safe


    • Its a job Jim, that’s about all I can say for it at this point.
      Yes, we are steaming under our own power. This one is a real ship with a drilling rig stuck on it. We should be passing by Angola soon. Looks like a lot of Ensco rigs working there.
      Yeah, I took that class a couple of months ago at MITAGS. Another total waste of time and money. You’re right, it never ends now. Seriously getting time to find another job!
      I am hearing lots of doom and gloom here too. They have already fired a bunch of people and they are hiring lots of Eastern Europeans who will be working for peanuts. None of us expect to last through the year here. I’m just hoping now to last long enough to collect the bonus they owe me (what’s left of it- they already cut-stole- most of it).
      All we can do is hope the price of oil stabilizes and starts increasing again. I think around $8 would be a happy medium to keep us all working out here and the people at home not paying too much for gas.
      I’m glad to hear you’re still finding work.
      I haven’t heard of anything for deck officers, only for engineers. If you know any of them looking for work, I can forward on the emails.

    • true, though I didn’t know this guy before, even being from the same town is nice, there are many things in common because of shared knowledge of familiar things. 🙂

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