Year in Maritime Photos

Year in Maritime Photos – 2013 | gCaptain

Here’s a link to a cool post on gCaptain. It has photos and stories from all the headline news from the maritime industry over the past year. I thought it would be interesting for a New Years type post.

Here they have everything from the fire on the cruise ship Carnival Triumph and her subsequent adventures as a “floating toilet” to the Costa Concordia disaster.

The grounding/salvage of the navy minesweeper USS Guardian and the delivery of the USS Freedom and the very first Mobile Landing Platform (MLP1) USNS Montford Point.

The break up of the MOL Comfort containership and the sinking of the MV Albedo after she was hijacked by pirates.

The slow speed chase of the smoke ship MV Gold Star in the Mediterranean and the antics of the Sea Shepard ships in the Southern Ocean.

The sinking of the in/famous sailing ship Bounty as she tried to outsail a major hurricane in the Atlantic ocean.

My favorite was the story of the rescue of the cook from the tug Jascon 4 after she sank. The man survived for over 2 days under the sea!!

Check it out, there’re lots of interesting stories. I’ve written about a couple of them here already,…n-lashes-coast…kwise-vanguard…on-board-comms…es-up-in-smoke/

but there are more in the link. It was a very interesting year for fans of maritime news! I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂


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