SoCS: When I Get Off Of Here…

…I’m going to have a nice long rest. Not that things have been too awful here so far, but the hitch has just started and I know for sure that crew change is always exhausting. You’re up for work for 12+ hours and then you’re up to watch the pre-departure video about the helicopter (you’ve already seen thousands of times). Then you wait hours for the chopper (if you’re lucky). Or the boat if you’re not.

Then you transit from the rig to shore. Minimum of an hour on the chopper. Maybe 8-12 hours on the boat if you’re not. Then you transit to the airport. That takes another couple of hours. Then you wait some more for your flight. You finally get home after another couple of hours of nodding off.

I usually do absolutely nothing for 2-3 days after I get home but eat, sleep and take a look at the huge pile of mail I’ve collected after being gone for 2+ weeks.

I’m due to be here for 6 weeks this hitch. I know it will get to me before it’s all over.

When I get off of here… I will rest. 🙂

3 thoughts on “SoCS: When I Get Off Of Here…

  1. Are you feeling any of the effects of that SOB, Harvey? And what about your property? I hope everything is alright. The news reports are heartbreaking. Stay safe out there!

    • So far we are OK out here. We are waiting, just in case he turns to the East. Sad to say, we are all doing much, much better than all those people at home. Harvey has done a number on Texas and still has many more inches of rain to drop.
      I don’t know if you remember, but last year, around May I think, we had some heavy rains. All around our area was drenched and flooded badly. This is going to be WAY worse.
      I am keeping my fingers crossed that my house and properties make it through. I feel terrible for all those people who have barely recovered from the last one (if they even have fully recovered, plenty have not).

    • Hi Penny,
      thanks for thinking of me. I just finally got a hold of someone tonight who could tell me a little bit about the situation at home.
      It sounds like I was one of the lucky ones. She hasn’t been to my house to see if it has any damage inside (like leaky roof, etc), but her son lives right around the block and says it didn’t flood there or lose power for very long. So my house should be OK.
      She also told me that my tenant in the beach house only called about a leaky faucet and so it sounds like I really lucked out.
      She did say I have a leaky roof in one of my other places which we’re hoping will be an easy fix.
      And the apartment I JUST got done working on right before I left (and spent a ton of money on) got flooded bad. Tenant left and I will have to do extensive repairs AGAIN! I’m so pissed off at those people I hired to fix the foundation! They’ve cost me a fortune already all because of the job they screwed up so badly and I just can’t afford to hire somebody else to fix it.
      We were fine out here on the rig. Winds were steady in the 40 knot range for a day or 2. Seas never got over about 15 ft. We turned on all of our thrusters and 4 (out of 6) engines to help our anchor hold. We hardly felt it.
      Sadly, there is a whole fleet of floaters out here off the Mississippi Delta waiting for work. 🙁

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