Change of Plans

Things are always up in the air with me lately. I was supposed to come out here for 6 weeks as DPO. I came out as DPO and after a few days, I was informed that I was really supposed to be MSL (marine section leader). Basically MSL is the same thing as a chief mate.

Whoo-hooo! I got promoted. But I didn’t want to be. I probably would have refused to take the job in the first place if they had told me the truth about what they wanted.

The company who hired me and the client who hired them both refuse to pay me as MSL tho I have been doing the job now for a couple of weeks (since last crew change). So. I am leaving.

How many people do you think are happy to do the work of one job and get paid a much lower rate for another job? I think only very young people trying to break in, to prove themselves. Or really super desperate people who have given up their pride and principles and have nothing at all to live on. We all do a lot of things we may not like to when it comes down to survival. Thank goodness I have not got to that point yet this time around.

I’ve worked too damn hard, for too damned long in order to earn my license. I don’t like the fact that they seem to think it’s worthless here.

I will go home after only 4 weeks of work. Very disappointed with the whole operation.

Oh well, it’ll be nice to be home for a while. I just hope it’s not such a long while! I need to find another job asap!

I’m hoping hurricane Harvey didn’t do much damage to my property. It would be nice to be able to stash some of this paycheck (just in case).

5 thoughts on “Change of Plans

    • Yes, I decided to go home. I hated to do that, but I think being here over 3 weeks already had something to do with it. Also, someone else was contacting me about another job which helped. I think that one has already fallen through tho. 🙁
      I’m sure I’ll find a way to survive. It’s just so frustrating!

  1. Oh, Jill! That really sucks! I truly respect you for taking a stand and leaving. I hope you will soon find a job where your true worth is recognized. A pox on all their houses!

    • Thanks Penny. All I can do is hope things work out.
      I really wish I could just concentrate on my writing and photography. I look at you and some of the others in the GEP group and thats what I’d really rather be doing at this point. But looking for a ‘real job’ and working 2-3 temp jobs when I can takes all the energy and motivation out of me. I just can’t focus.

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