SNL: Vincent Price’s Halloween Special

More fun for Halloween!

Do you remember Vincent Price? I do. He was a favorite of mine in those old Saturday morning Creature Features and assorted horror movies.

I can’t say I remember Gloria Swanson. She was before my time and I never have seen Sunset Boulevard. I’m not up on James Mason either, tho I do remember seeing him in quite a few films. Seems kindof out of character from what I remember, but maybe I’m thinking of the wrong guy.

I love how Vincent (Bill Hader) tries to keep the show ‘PG’, safe for the kids. Liberace gets in a few good ones too. It’s hilarious.

Thursday Photo Prompt- Tower- #writephoto

I was looking through some of my photos while I was trying to sort them out yesterday. I thought I had some really good ones for this challenge. Sue does a weekly photo prompt on Thursdays and this week the subject is “tower“.

I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend. It was ‘Fairy Weekend” and I really wanted to see the fairies. I’ve been to “Barbarian Weekend” and “Pirate Weekend” before (I especially liked the pirates). πŸ™‚

They have all sorts of things to see and do from back in the days: jousting, archery, magicians, traditional music, fireworks, dancers, and fire dancing as just a few examples. I really love to see all the amazing costumes people have created. Some of them spend thousands of dollars. Some create quite an effect with only a minimal expense.

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One of the things you can do is to climb the castle tower.

Calaveras- Dia de Los

In between trading out my photos and paintings at the Brazosport Art League gallery and hanging out at my booth at the Sunset Sip in Freeport Saturday night, I went to the photo shoot with the Brazoria County Models and Photographers.

It was a lot of fun. I loved the makeup and the whole idea. We were at the cemetery, which was a perfect backdrop for the models with their ‘calavera‘ makeup. We got started a little late, after 4 pm, but the light was perfect- even with so many shady trees.

I hated to leave so early, but I needed to get over to Freeport for the Sunset Sip. It was my first time to do a show like that and I didn’t want to be late (I was a few minutes late anyway). I wish I could have stayed longer. I missed out on quite a few of the models.

Here are a few examples of what we were up to.

I really hope they do another one like this. It was fantastic and I did get some beautiful shots. Thanks to the organizers and all the models and make-up artists! πŸ™‚

Mermaid Parade!

This sounds like my kind of thing! I always wanted to be a mermaid. Or a dolphin. πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget, today isΒ World Oceans Day. πŸ™‚


Sorry I won’t be able to attend the parade (this year). I only just found out about it. I don’t remember this from when I was spending time up in that neck of the woods. I guess they hadn’t started it yet. If you’re going to be anywhere around NYC, you should plan a trip out to Coney Island. The 34th Annual Mermaid Parade is on for June 18th. It looks like a blast!

Anybody going?

Info on The 34th Annual Mermaid Parade, June 18, 2016, 1pm, including Registration, FAQ, Judgeship, Sponsorship Opportunities and Parade Route!

Source:Β The Mermaid Parade | Coney Island USA


Dancing in Mexico

Here are some photos from the Fiesta Mexicana I took Friday night. I took tons of photos, but since I wasn’t very close to the stage, it was dark, and the dancers almost never slowed down, I couldn’t get many good shots.

I’ve always loved to watch people dance. All kinds of dancing holds my interest. I always wished I wasn’t so clumsy. My father was a great dancer and he tried to teach me a few times, but I never did really get the hang of it.

The dancers at this (free) show are all kids. I would guess the youngest is probably around 10, the oldest low 20s. They are very good!

I have to hand it to ’em. They’re all out there dancing up a storm and most of them don’t even break a sweat! I’m just standing there and I’m wilting.


Krewe of Jingle Christmas Parade 2015

I went to New Orleans for the Workboat Show again this year. I didn’t stay as long as usual Β (due to not working this year), but I still had time to catch the Christmas Parade. πŸ™‚

I had actually forgotten about it. They changed the usual schedule for the Workboat Show, so I was off on my planning. I flew in the morning of the show, made the WISTA tea that afternoon, went to a party that night, spent the next day working the Show. I spent all day Friday tracking down paperwork from my last boat (in Fourchon).

I had to return the car Saturday morning, so got up early. I had planned to go to the WWII Museum right next to the car rental, but I saw them setting up the streets for a parade and it was going to start in only a little over an hour. I wanted to see it for sure!

I decided to spend the time before the parade started in the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. It was interesting and I managed to check out all of it and still have enough time to get a good spot to watch the parade. I even had time to wander around, check out the costumes and take photos before they started marching. πŸ™‚

This is the Krewe of Jingle parade, they’ve been doing it the last few years right around the same time as the Workboat Show (Dec 5 this year). I LOVE this parade! They have such great people, fun costumes, and they’re all having such a great time. It’s contagious. πŸ™‚

I’ve got a lot of great photos from the parade. I’ll share more later, don’t want the blog to get bogged down loading. πŸ˜‰

Phoenix to the Faire

I got back from Phoenix on Sunday. On the way, I stopped off at the Renaissance Festival (Faire). I’ve been trying to go for a couple of weeks, but it has been raining every weekend. It’s not really much fun anymore to wander around in the rain.

This Sunday was finally nice. The weather was gorgeous! Sunny and cool. πŸ™‚

So I went straight from the airport up to the Fair. Looks like everybody else in Texas had the same plans!

The traffic was horrible! It took me over 2 hours just to get from Magnolia to the festival grounds. That’s only about 6-7 miles!

Once I finally got there, I was happy to wander around all day. There was plenty to do. Watch the jugglers, jousting, fools, belly dancers, magicians. Listen to some really cool music, I really liked the Scottish group “Tartanic”. They put on a fantastic show!

There was all kinds of food to sample, set up in ‘villages’: Greek, Italian, Polish, Mexican, etc along with the usual fair foods (turkey legs, cheesecake on a stick, corn on the cob, gyros, sausage on a stick, funnel cakes,etc).

There were interesting shops for such necessities as armor, magical supplies, leather, candles, writing instruments, weaponry, jewelry, hats and clothing (mostly to fit the theme).

I loved seeing all the creative costumes. Some of the barbarians were really scary. Some of the costumes were just plain weird. Some of the outfits were just gorgeous. Some ladies I talked with told me they spent thousands of dollars on their costumes!

I really loved some of the clothes, I even went to try on a few. I couldn’t find a corset that fit. That’s probably a good thing, they were NOT cheap!

trying on corsets

trying on corsets

Besides, when would I ever wear something like that other than Halloween? Or maybe for the St Patricks Day festivities here at Surfside?

I didn’t get home til after midnight. Slept late Monday and didn’t get much done. More on the Festival later, once I get caught up. Lots to tell. πŸ™‚