SNL: Vincent Price’s Halloween Special

More fun for Halloween!

Do you remember Vincent Price? I do. He was a favorite of mine in those old Saturday morning Creature Features and assorted horror movies.

I can’t say I remember Gloria Swanson. She was before my time and I never have seen Sunset Boulevard. I’m not up on James Mason either, tho I do remember seeing him in quite a few films. Seems kindof out of character from what I remember, but maybe I’m thinking of the wrong guy.

I love how Vincent (Bill Hader) tries to keep the show ‘PG’, safe for the kids. Liberace gets in a few good ones too. It’s hilarious.

Two More Days to Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays (the other is St Patricks Day). I love all the costumes, parties, and candy! I don’t bother to decorate my house, it looks like it’s a Halloween House year round anyway, but I do buy some extra candy now for the trick or treaters who might come by. I’m too paranoid to go out to any of the parties anymore. 🙁

I thought this video was kind of cute. I do like to read horror stories and I get a kick out of those campy old movies with the zombies and werewolves. I’ve seen a couple of the Saw movies, a few of the Elm Street movies, a bunch of zombie movies too.  I remember Michael Jackson and the Thriller video when it first came out. I loved his dancing. Sad that he died so young.

Poor Freddie, his jokes weren’t going over too well. The werewolf has his own take. He’s cute. 😉

Calaveras- Dia de Los

In between trading out my photos and paintings at the Brazosport Art League gallery and hanging out at my booth at the Sunset Sip in Freeport Saturday night, I went to the photo shoot with the Brazoria County Models and Photographers.

It was a lot of fun. I loved the makeup and the whole idea. We were at the cemetery, which was a perfect backdrop for the models with their ‘calavera‘ makeup. We got started a little late, after 4 pm, but the light was perfect- even with so many shady trees.

I hated to leave so early, but I needed to get over to Freeport for the Sunset Sip. It was my first time to do a show like that and I didn’t want to be late (I was a few minutes late anyway). I wish I could have stayed longer. I missed out on quite a few of the models.

Here are a few examples of what we were up to.

I really hope they do another one like this. It was fantastic and I did get some beautiful shots. Thanks to the organizers and all the models and make-up artists! 🙂

Oilpro Halloween Photo Challenge

I just entered the Oilpro Halloween Photo Contest. It’s supposed to be for work, but since I’ve been laid off for a year now, I couldn’t post any photos of scary co-workers or office decorations.

I did the next best thing. I posted a couple of photos I took at the National Museum of Funeral History last week. They had a pretty cool Haunted House.

Check it out.

Any of my offshore peeps, feel free to join in here.

Halloween Villain Conference Call

I thought you might like this. I LMAO. 🙂



More Rainy Days

What is it with the rain? It rained ALL weekend last weekend. Does it somehow know when we’re all off work and looking forward to some time outside in the sun?

It’s been raining ALL day today. I heard some super loud thunder this morning, it even woke me up! I thought the tree was going to fall on the house again!! I heard on the news we even had tornados. There has been some pretty bad flooding around the area. It looks like it might rain tomorrow too. 🙁

Another weekend ruined! I didn’t even get 1 trick-or-treater tonight. 🙁

I did see one neighbor still carving pumpkins in his spookily decorated garage. He tried to scare me with his flying ghosts as I took my walk this evening. He said he had a couple of kids come by, but he has quite a few of them as neighbors.

This is the first time I’ve been home for Halloween in years, I’m kind of disappointed. 🙁

I’m glad I didn’t get dressed up.



I got home late from Houston tonight and I was taking my daily walk. I was searching the sky for Orion, to see if I could spot any meteors (the Orionid metor shower is still going on).

All the sudden- ICK! YUK! UGH!

I walked under a tree and it was like I got attacked by a giant spider! For a minute I felt like Frodo when he got tangled up in Shelobs lair in the Lord of the Rings. 😉

I’m still not sure if it was a real spider web I somehow ran into, or if it was a Halloween decoration gone wild, but it got me good!

At least I didn’t ever see the spider who might have made that giant web!!

Sad to say, I didn’t see any meteors tonight either, it was just too cloudy and the moon was still too bright to see many stars. I need to get to sleep soon, so won’t be staying up to try again when the moon sets. I’ll be up and out early in the morning, so maybe I’ll have better luck then. 🙂