I wonder if things are finally beginning to turn around? I heard a tip from a friend while I was at the TBEX in Huntsville about a job. I immediately tried to call the people who were looking (it was the weekend) and eventually got in touch.

Thank goodness! We were able to work things out and I left for the ship on Monday. I’ll be working as a DPO for at least a couple of weeks! A real job!! 🙂

I was glad I got to go to the TBEX in Huntsville. I learned a lot, ran into some old friends and met some new ones. I hope I will be able to turn my experiences there into some good stories and will follow up on connections asap.

Sadly, that may not be all that soon. It looks like I will be pretty much out of touch while here on the ship since internet is not up to snuff and phone is out of range. 🙁

After working for over a year on a tuna boat, 3+ months incommunicado at a time, I swore I would never again work for anyone who didn’t have enough respect for their people to provide them with a minimum ability to keep in touch with friends, family and business at home.

Well, after almost 20 months of unemployment (without being able to collect even a dime of the thousands of dollars I’e paid into the system over the last 40+ years), I’ve had to change my attitude, suck it up and take anything that anybody offered. 🙁

Thank goodness, I’m finally working! It could last as long as 6 weeks!!

I just hope this is a sign of better times ahead.

I’ll try to post as often as I’m able. Sorry but I don’t think I’ll be able to very often til I get off. 🙁

Oh Nooooo!

No internet!

I got home last night after spending the last couple of days in the air.

I was so glad to get home. I was SO tired.

But there was a HUGE pile of mail inside my door. I could hardly get the door open. So, once I shoved my way inside and then got my luggage in the house, I made a cup of tea and sat down on my couch to just chill out.

I picked up a pile of mail and started sorting. While I did that, I turned on my computer so I could see if I got any emails (of COURSE I did! I usually get at least 100 a day!). My computer turned on and it said it was connected, but ‘no internet”.


So, I’m at the library trying to catch up. No place is open to call about my problems at home and I’ll be stuck in the FRC course until late Wednesday. So, I might not be able to get back online til Thursday EARLIEST.

Do I know now how addicted I am to the internet? YES! 🙁